Allocation of land to build bungalows for Officers in the Provinces

The government has recently allocated land in the out stations to construct bungalows for officers of the Attorney General’s Department who are either prosecuting in the High Courts or assigned to the civil circuits. These lands are in Mannar, Vavunia and Kurunegala. Construction of the buildings will take place once the plans are finalized and the budgetary allocations are received.

Presently the Department has bungalows of its own only at Anuradhapura, Badulla and Ampara. The bungalow at Ampara was refurbished recently. The Department has also rented out premises in certain other towns. The non availability of accommodation in the out stations for officers has caused tremendous difficulties to the officers in carrying out their duties and the Hon. Attorney General is taking every endeavor to obtain these facilities for the officers.