Public Petitions Unit

This Unit was set up several years ago, in order to inquire into complaints made by any
citizen with regard to injustices caused to them by an officer of the state in the performance
of official duties including the neglect of such duties.
The Unit comprises of Attorneys-at-Law supervised by a Senior Deputy Solicitor General, a Deputy Solicitor General and two Senior State Counsel.
Any citizen who has faced injustice due to an act or omission of an officer of the state, committed in the realm of his official duties, could directly complain to the said Unit in writing. Once such written complaint is received, the officers attached to the said Unit will assess the merits of the said complaint with the cooperation and assistance of the relevant authorities involved. If the Unit is satisfied that injustice is caused to any citizen, necessary instructions will be given to address such grievance and follow up action will be taken.