Public Petitions Unit (Mahajana Pethsam – MP)

This Unit looks into complaints made by any citizen with regard to injustices caused to them by any officer of a Ministry, Government Department, Statutory Board, Public Corporation, the Police or the Armed Forces within the scope of their performance and/or neglect to perform official duties.

Once such a complaint is received in writing by this Department, the officers will call for a report or have a consultation with the relevant officials and consider as to whether there is any merit in the complaint that has been made. Where it is established that an injustice has taken place, necessary instructions are given to address such grievances and thereafter follow up action is taken.

How to make a Public Petition:

A Citizen who alleges a grievance may write a letter addressed to the Attorney General bearing the facts and circumstances which form the basis of the grievance, along with details of the relevant police station, case number, wherever relevant. The same may be hand delivered and/or posted to the Attorney General’s Department.

The petitioner may include all relevant details known to them (Eg: Investigative Police Station, Case Number, Place of the incident, date and time of the incident etc.)